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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Weird Music Wednesday: Fish Heads by Barnes & Barnes

Okay, so this is an exceptionally weird one my friends. This song always creeped me out as a kid, so you're not alone. Little did I know there was a video. No, really. They made a video. I know, I grew up in the age of MTV, I should know all the videos, but sadly, I failed my fellow Gen-xers and I know few videos, even to music I love (for ages I didn't know there was a video to Men At Work's "Overkill" and that's one of my favorite songs) go fig.
So, that all said, you've been warned. The video is weird and the actual song doesn't start until about 2 minutes into the video.
I'm not sure what you would expect for a song called "Fish heads" but, here is what you get.
From Wikipedia:
Barnes & Barnes are the fictional twin brothers Art Barnes and Artie Barnes (Bill Mumy and Robert Haimer, respectively), are a comedy rock duo based in "Lumania", a fictional mythological civilization (similar to Lemuria or Atlantis). Most of their music is standard rock or pop with heavy comedic elements. They are best known for their 1978 song "Fish Heads".
Robert Haimer and Bill Mumy were childhood friends who occasionally performed together on their musical instruments. Following the ending of Mumy's role on the TV series Lost in Space, they would shoot short films with a Super 8 motion picture camera, dubbed "Art Films". The two began calling each other "Art" in joking reference to these films. Bill Mumy is also best known for playing, in the original Twilight Zone the kid who terrorizes a town through his psychic powers.
They formed the band Barnes & Barnes in 1970. Their surname Barnes was taken from a Bill Cosby comedy routine called "Revenge", in which a character called Junior Barnes throws a snowball at Cosby as a child. Originally, both Haimer and Mumy were named "Art Barnes", but Haimer's alter ego was publicly renamed "Artie" in 1979 to differentiate between them.
They first received airplay on The Dr. Demento Show in 1978 with their songs "Boogie Woogie Amputee" and "Fish Heads". The latter recording was released as a single on their own Lumania Records in 1979 and remains their best-known song, as well as the most requested song in the history of The Dr. Demento Show. They produced a video for the song, which was broadcast frequently as a novelty item on MTV. The song was often misattributed to The Chipmunks for its processed high-pitched chorus[citation needed]:
Fish heads, fish heads
Roly-poly fish heads
Fish heads, fish heads
Eat them up, yum!
In 1978, Damaskas and Barnes & Barnes recorded "A Day in the Life of Green Acres," a song that combined the music of The Beatles "A Day in the Life" with the lyrics to the theme song of the television show Green Acres. It was inspired by Little Roger and the Goosebumps' similar intertwining of Led Zeppelin's "Stairway to Heaven" and the theme to Gilligan's Island.
Actor Bill Paxton appears in the videos for "Fish Heads", "Soak It Up", and "Love Tap".

In the original Wikipedia article it states that Barnes and Barnes were inducted into the Comedy Music Hall of Fame, but I can't find that the Comedy Music Hall of Fame exists. Sometimes Wikipedia is inaccurate, so take it all with a grain of salt.

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