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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Crafts: Tentacular spectacular

This is a multi-color tentacle I made. It could be used as a pendant or it could be used anywhere. They're a little delicate. FIMO breaks easy, but it also glues easy, which is okay.

These are two project next to a chapstick, for size reference. These aren't huge. They're smallish and intricate. I like how they turned out. I do wish I could harden with a resin or something but I'm still really wary of using chemicals. I had a hard time using the spray paint for the chalkboard. It's tough but I can sometimes use the chemicals. Hopefully, with therapy and possibly medication I'll get over that, or at least manage it better. I just get afraid I'm going to harm myself with the chemicals and need help. I'm not really sure where this all came from, but I'm trying to manage it. The weirdness of my mental health problems have snuck into my life like so much dust in my life. It just accumulates slowly. The art helps me keep busy and calm but when I have to use chemicals it sorta busts up the groove of the zone I'm in. It's tough. I'm sure though soon I'll work it out. We're working on getting in to the doctor so I can sort out all of this. Hopefully we'll figure it all out. I've been under unusual amounts of stress lately. I found out about some distressing family news and I've been sorta mulling it about in my brain and trying to make sense of it all, therapy would likely help with it. I really do hate the holidays. I'll be happy when spring happens and I can plant veggies.

This black and white necklace has no suckers on it, I just thought it looked very Beetlejuicy. I'm sending it to a friend of mine's daughter. What's nice about these projects is that even if they break, they're fixable with glue or I can even make another, they're 6$ in material to make, a few hours of time, that's it.

 Another close up of the blue-green tentacles. I like how they turned out. Also, I was able to use up the leftover green I had.

 One of two black and white striped tentacle with glow in the dark suckers I made. I was surprised at how easy these were to make. I was worried the black and white would bleed and that the glow in the dark wouldn't glow.

None of that was an issue really. It was quite nice. So nice, I made two. I gave one to my friend Jeau, because it's lovely to see her smile. The other I'm mailing to a friend in WA, who is doing an art exchange with me. This is the other tentacle. I would really make oodles of these if I could. I really like the look and it was easy to do.

A dark/light blue tentacle I made for a friend. I attached a chain to it and I like how it turned out. I was worried I'd burned it, but didn't. I like how the tentacles curl over each other. I've seen a lot of other tentacles but I kinda like how mine are turning out. For me they remind me of Davy Jones in The Pirate movies. I'd like to try some realistic ones at some point. I might just do it one of these days.

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