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Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Happy Kitchen Part 2: more color and some changes

Okay so I've been slowly changing the kitchen and trying to make it more inviting. It's been a month by month project. Since I have REALLY limited funds, it's going to take a while. All the house projects will take a while. I'm saving a little bit every month for various projects. Currently, not that anyone cares, I'm saving for cat emergency funds. My next saving will be for the bathroom shower. I'll save up to replace the walls and shower stall so the tub will be safe and a real tub so I can have a real bath. I miss baths. I love baths, they're as close to meditation as I get.....sigh. Anyhow. That will take time. In the meantime I'm doing little things around the house. Putting up art, painting cabinets, getting planters for the yard, etc.
In the last couple of months here's what I've done.
Here's what the kitchen looked like:
Here's what it looks like now:
We got rid of the broken fridge, sold the stove and I made a chalkboard out of the old mirror. When I repaint the cabinets I'll paint the chalkboard frame to match it. All of this is sitting on an old trunk of Walter's. The kitchen is a lot more opened up. Once I get a new eraser (the one I bought was crap and broke already) I can write up messages or menus. Which is all really nice. I hope to improve my chalk art.
The flowers I made with paint and coffee filters. The candles aren't real candles, they're battery operated. I'm hoping to get more candles and fill up the fireplace with them and some thick wood pieces. I'm not really a fireplace person, plus I have to get it checked out before we use it. For now it will be atmospheric only. All in all the kitchen looks nicer. It's getting there. Once I paint the walls we'll take down the rock posters and it will look pretty nice and cozy.

Expect more updates!

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