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Friday, December 5, 2014

Craft Projects: flowers, scarves, pendants, eyeballs, oh my...

 Okay, so these are the projects I've been up to. The photo to the left is when I bedazzled a wine glass and used it for a vase for some flowers made from watercolors and coffee filters. I thought the bathroom could use some pretty in it. Since it will take me a while to get the bathroom up to snuff I'm working on making pretty little by little. Eventually I will have my oasis. I made some more flowers out of coffee filters. In the photo with the chalkboard the flowers in front are coffee filter flowers. They're cheap, relatively easy to make and if they get ruined, no big loss. Also, they add color which is nice.
The chalkboard project was interesting. It was originally a mirror but I hate mirrors (they just creep me out) so I made it a chalkboard. Now I can have a menu. I just need to buy a real chalkboard eraser for it. In front are two battery operated candles (I love those!) and some holders for chalk. Eventually I'd love to be able to daily leave Walter messages.
 My purple bathroom roses. Never wilt. I love them. They by far turned out better than all the others I did.

 This is an eyeball project I originally made with a more play-dough like substance. I decided to upgrade to hard FIMO that glows in the dark. I also added on of the doll's eyes I had. I think it would look just awesome anywhere, in anyone's house. I like the tiny frame it's in. I might just mail this to my friend in WA for shits and giggles. The below photo is it in the dark, all glowy.
 These are pendant backs. The little circles are lyrics from CDs and maps. I hope to make some necklaces for peeps with these. I'm waiting for my order of clear crystal to go in the front of these pendants. Hopefully this will look cool. When it's done I'll share the photos.
 The stack of scarves and a hat I made. I've made 8 scarves and 1 hat so far. I can't tell you how much I love it. I really do. I wish yarn was cheaper. Anyhow. It's one of my favorite things to do now, another great crafty thing. Who doesn't need a new winter scarf?

Okay, the bird below. He's a raven I bought on sale at Michael's around October, because sadly, that's the only time they have these guys in the store. I cut open his closed mouth and placed part of a toy I had. The toy I had was a bunch of silicon-like green tentacles with little eyeballs attached. I opened his mouth and put the tentacle with the eyeball in it. I like the look. I could mail these to peeps for Halloween next year. I just might too. Anything with eyeballs is a winner. I love the look. He lurks outside my bathroom on an old heater. I call him Matthew (if you know the reference, well then, you really know me).
I like mine better.

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