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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Weird Music Wednesday 2: The Cockroach that ate Cincinnati by Rose and The Arrangement

I love this tune. I heard it first on Dr. Demento's Delights as a kid. (It's a smidge offensive, but that occasionally happens when trying to be funny)

Here's what I found about the band: Rose and The Arrangement.
  • Rose and the arrangement was founded in June of 1970 by Doug Drill, Sal La Bella, Rose La Bella and Art Harris. The group disbanded in the fall of 1982. During those twelve years they used five bass players. Art Harris, Rex Paris, John Campbell, Joey Lessa and Rick Glass. All of these, except Art Harris, are featured on the Totally Bananas album. Steve Wyrick and Billy Payne were studio musicians who participated on some tracks of this recording. (Mr.Stupid)
  • Art Harris, the original bass player for Rose and the Arrangement, died in 2010.
  • Members:
    Doug Drill (Keyboards, Vocals) (ontheair)
    Sal La Bella (Drums, vocals) (ontheair)
    Rick Glass (Bass, Trumpet, Trombone, vocals) (ontheair)
    Joey Lessa (Bass, Trumpet) (ontheair)
    John Campbell (Bass, Guitar) (ontheair)
    Rex Paris (Bass, Guitar) (ontheair)
    Steve Wyrick (Banjo) (ontheair)
    Rosie Rigatoni (Vocals, Pink Stradavarius Twanger, Pink Strad Washboard) (ontheair)
    Billy Payne (Guitar) (ontheair)
     All thanks to Mad Music 

  • I loved it, I hate roaches but love giant bug movies. I watched Them! a while back with Walter and totally spotted a young (handsome even) Leonard Nimoy (uncredited) in the movie.
    Fun and weird! Have an awesome Wednesday everyone!

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