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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Weird music Wednesday: Kip Addotta's "Wet Dream"

I heard this first in about 1999, from my friends Richard "Dead Ear Dick" and his lovely wife, Jody. I met them back when I rode the ferry to work every day. We would catch the 6:30 ferry, be in Seattle at 7:30 and hustling to work. I met them through a mutual friend (Angel) and we bonded over our mutual love of Dr. Demento. I'm still sad I missed a Dr. D concert with Richard a few years back, we would have had a blast. I had never heard this song before, but I loved it. I love it so much I'm made it the ringtone for when Richard or Jody calls or texts me.
I love a good pun, I love a bad pun. I'm generally a sucker for a joke, especially a bad one. This song is so right up my alley.
Here's a little more about Mr. Addotta from his webpage:
Kip Addotta is an American comedian notable for often being featured on The Tonight Show and the syndicated show Make Me Laugh, among many others. He was also featured on The Dr. Demento Show radio show for his songs, “Wet Dream” ” “Big Cock Roach” “Life in the Slaw Lane”, a series of fish and vegetable malapropisms that, together, form a storyline. In 1989 he released “I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus.” In 1995 Kip Addotta released a DVD, “Live From Maximum Security!”
Kip Addotta was born in Rockford, Illinois to Frank and Josephine Addotta. He is the father of three children: Victor, Kathy and Frank. You can follow him on Twitter here.
Enjoy! Have a Weird Music Wednesday!

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