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Sunday, July 21, 2013

My Goonies

So I met Barbara Ferrelli and her sister Karen a long time ago. I was likely about 6 or 7. Barb tells me we met outside the cemetery across the street from where I lived in Greenland, New Hampshire. I used to go to Greenland every summer to visit Uncle Albert. He owned several acres in the middle of town, with a big Barn, Garage and huge old house.
For a long time it was the 4 of us, Barb and Karen and I and Jennifer. They were some of the earliest friends I had who were really friends. I'd had "friends" before, but some of them were kinda bullies. Karen and Barb were really friends. I have a lot of memories of hanging out at their house sucking on bullion cubes and watching movies, going to the movies, riding bikes, going to the Cumberland Farms and reading Mad magazines. We were always doing something. One summer we had a popcorn and lemonade stand. We built a fort and had epic snowball battles the one winter I stayed back east. I loved every minute of it. I'm sure, being the youngest, I was a pain in the butt, and I was always an emotionally high strung kid, but they still put up with me. All the girls were at least 2 years older than me, but they really nice to me anyhow.
The last time I saw Karen I was 16 and traveling through New England with my Dad, Step-mom, Kathy, and Katie. We had stopped in New Hampshire to show Kathy and Katie Albert's old house (which is now New Generations). While my family was out doing that I was running down Fish and Game Road to see if Barb or Karen were there. I still remember their address and the smell of the road. It smelled fresh and green, like a newly watered garden. Turns out, Karen was home. I walked with her over to Cumberland Farms to get some pop and we talked along the way. She told me how Barb and her mom and Dad and brother, Tony were doing. I told her how I was, it was really really nice. Karen and Barb have always been friends that it never felt like time passed between us. I could always rely on them to be there, and to genuinely care.
Some of my most fond memories are on the day we went to see Goonies. It was raining, we'd gone. Originally it was Barb and I watching Goonies and Jenn and Karen went to see Red Sonja,  but about 15-20 minutes into Goonies Karen and Jenn joined us. It was a blast. After the movie, after our perusing Fox Run Mall and loitering, we went home. Once we got back to Karen and Barb's we got on our bikes and went in the pouring rain to get our Goonie cards. Afterwards we got home and traded for our favorites (Barb's was Mikey, Mine was Mouth, Karen and Jenn liked Bran).
I've always felt lucky to have Karen and Barb and their family in my life. Their mom is awesome, she always toted us around and fed us and was sweet to us.

Below, you'll find Karen's graduation picture. Next to her is Barb.
I love these goonies!

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