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Monday, July 22, 2013

Belly button lint and other naval gazing activities

So, Joe asked that I write about belly button lint. I suspect he was kidding but I'll write it anyhow.
I have, thanks to Walter, a long history with belly button lint. He's only one of the friends I have a strange history with. I'm not sure if it's me, and my weirdness that attracts such relations or what. Maybe I'm weird, maybe my friends are weird. It could very well be both.
When Walter and I first started dating, which was well into adulthood, both of us firmly in our 30's and well after we met, in preschool, I noticed that when he took off his shirt there was always a flush amount of belly button lint. I had to admit, being a person with an outtie, i.e. an out belly button, I found it fascinating. We've joked that if I collected all the belly button lint he's produced since we've been together I'd have a few sweaters. I used to regularly pick out the lint, until one day he scared me. It's never been the same since. I can't go near his belly button for fear of his ferocious belly monster.
So, now that I'm thinking of friends and my weird collections from them I'm reminded of shoes. During my senior/junior year I ended up collecting shoes (not pairs, no, that would make sense), but single shoes, from friends of mine. They kept throwing them my way. Strangely, even then I repurposed them, using some of the sk8 items from Jason's vans in jewelry. I ended up with 7 or 8 shoes from Amanda, Rhonda, Harley, and Jason. Also, Jason gave me a screwdriver. I have weird gifts from friends. Thankfully when graduation rolled around everyone gave me Symphony candy bars, which was a bit less weird than shoes and screwdrivers. Still, I love my weird ass friends.

So, speaking of bellies. Below is a clip from Black Books, it involves Bernard and his belly impressions, still cracks me up to no end...

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