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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Mom's soup (with photos)

So, today I made my favorite meal. Mom's soup. Dad said I should charge for this recipe, he might be right. Basically it's a fried macaroni soup with stewed tomatoes and Oregano in beef broth. It is paired with a beef or pork roast cooked until it falls away, shred the meat and cook it with enchilada sauce and tortillas. It's wonderful on a cold winter day. I have many fond memories of my mom making it. Today was the first time I made it for Walter, so this was extra special. Also, for the first time I made red chili sauce from scratch. All in all it was pretty good. Not bad for the first time in a long time. It tastes like home and made me really content and happy. I think if I had a tupperware of this in my fridge at all times I would remain happy. I always think of my folks and it makes me happy. 

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