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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

the concept of age appropriateness

I've been asked to blog about 2 things today: Mexican food & age appropriate clothing, hair, entertainment and activities.
Okay. First things first. Mexican Food. I love it, I miss it, and I hope to eat really tasty Mexican food when I get back to Az. I don't know how to cook most of it, outside of a soup my mom made and the occasional taco night. I generally cook Asian cuisine at home. I look forward to the opportunity to learn. I'm specifically hoping to learn how to cook with cactus. I think that would be nifty.

Next: Age Appropriate clothing, etc.  I don't understand this concept. It is largely foreign to me. I know there are people in our society who think I should dress a certain way. I've never really subscribed to that. My clothes are always dark. I have worked in a business environment and covered my tat and didn't dye my hair blue because the work asked that I don't. So, I didn't. But, that said, I still wore what would be construed as Business goth. Dark blouses and pencil skirts and gothy 4" heels. Dark makeup and a smile. Will I stop dressing this way because I've hit 40? No. It's simply my choice in clothing. Outside of work I dress like a punk or disturbed librarian. My hair, when it can be, is usually and unusual color. I look forward to being an old biddy with green and pink hair. When your hair is silver it'd be so much easier to dye the fun colors. Will I still wear my collar and thrashed punk shirts when I'm 70? Probably not. Will I look like Helena Bonham Carter's understudy from Sweeney Todd? Yes, likely. I've held contract jobs with the Navy where my hair's been robin's egg blue for a year. It made those young sailors jealous. I still play video games, I still listen to my 80s music, I still love my concert t-shirts and my raunchy clothes. I just wear those items, use those items and listen to the music a little less than I used to. Sure, I've been known to hit the midnight showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show, but now when I do, it takes more out of the next day than it used to. I will be part of my generation's crazy tattooed, pierced, punk colored old age. That said, I also am someone who doesn't feel my age. I still, in my heart, largely feel 18, just wiser than I was at 18. With my goal of working towards a fitter me, I suspect that won't change anytime soon. I also don't wear a ton of makeup and I'm not afraid of my wrinkles, sags, and gray hairs. Its part of growing old, and I'm cool with that, I just want to do it my way. I will not be an older woman who buys the anti-wrinkle everything and starts wearing Mumus and gets her hair cut pixie short because it's expected of me at that age. Not my MO.
I hope this answers your question.

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