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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Day 06: A song that reminds of you of somewhere

Our dock at Tinmouth Pond, VT

Uncle Frank teaching us how to swim
Me, Mom and Liz at Camp

Us at camp
Lorraine, Mom and Bev
My grandmother, getting ready to water ski at Tinmouth

It took a little soul searching, which is why this blog took so long and why I' so late publishing it.
Uncle Frank teaching us to swim at Tinmouth

The Cabin at Tinmouth

Grandma Sanford, Mom, Aunt Laura and me, on the dock sometime around 1983

Uncle Frank at Tinmouth Pond
The Cousins: Joe, Beverly, Lorraine, and Charlie (Dad), and that's Trevor in the chair
My birthday, with my cousins, Michelle and Trevor, at Tinmouth
Uncle Frank and Aunt Laura in the kitchen at camp
The song today is "A song that reminds you of somewhere". I took this to mean a song that reminds me of a place. I picked the song that reminds me of one of my favorite places and one of my formerly favorite bands. The Mamas and The Papas' song The Dancing Bear. It is a hard decision for me. I loved this band growing up. I adore Cass Elliot. I grew up listening to my Aunt Ella and Beverly's records of this band. This was my favorite song of theirs. I have fond memories of listening to the record player on the porch of their trailer at Tinmouth Pond in the summer. Tinmouth Pond is one of my favorite places. My Great Aunt Laura and Great Uncle Frank had a cabin across the road from Ella and Bevvy. Some of my best memories are at that pond. I miss it dearly. I have fond memories of sleeping in the cabin and listening to my mom and dad playing canasta with Frank and Laura and Albert and Joe and Ella and Bevvy. Those were some wonderful summers. I hope some day I'm lucky enough to take Walter back east to visit our family and I'd love to show him my favorite places in New England.
My cousin Liz and me, I'm 5 or 6, looking at fish at Tinmouth.
Me, at age 12, Trevor, my cousin
Now I said earlier that the Mamas and Papas were my favorite band at one time. This is no longer. I'm incredibly creeped out by this: John Phillips molested his daughter, ewww. I was just so creeped out by MacKenzie's allegations. That's it. That's enough for me to stop listening to someone's music. So, it makes me sad that this song that once used to inspire fond memories of summer now also sorta creeps me out because the thought of John Phillips' just wigs me out. I probably can't watch One Day at a Time anymore either.

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