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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Artsy Project: Make myself a neat necklace & bookmarks

Originally I viewed this idea  month and months ago. I found this on Pinterest, and it led me to wanting my own, personalized version. I started out making a charm bracelet. Which looked like this.

I gave it to my little sister Kate, it includes some bells on it from a hat I bought with her when we went to Amsterdam in 1996. Somewhere out there is a tourist's photo of me and my sister in Amsterdam on a bridge, me with my green and black Top Hat with tassles and bells and Kate holding her newly purchased combat boots. So, the bracelet it special and I gave it to her last time I saw her, which was at the Cues and Tattoos Festival at the Seattle Center. She bellydances with Gypsy Horizon bellydance troupe.

She liked the bracelet. So, I decided to try and make myself a charm necklace, although, I'd put it on a back burner. I'd always wanted a charm bracelet and thought the necklace idea was an improvement, since I got to add more charms to this. The idea was pushed to the foreground when we got a few boxes of Walter's Mom's belongings from his sister. Among the items was some jewelry. I found a necklace that would work beautifully as a charm necklace, so I started.
Here is what I ended up with.

Make a charm necklace or bracelet. Needed: more charms, needlenose pliers, bells, jump rings, 24" chain, 7" inch chain, closure for necklace.

The keys and the coffin and hand are all from the local bead store. The red stone was repurposed from a necklace I bought several years ago and couldn't get fixed. The hearts were all from Pauletta, it seemed fitting. She was all heart. The token was from Jody and Richard, the stones were from old earrings.

I found, at my local bead store Imagine That! the Ouija board, octopus (it's really a Septopus, but he's smiling so I'll forgive it), teacup, teapot, bat. The purple rings were a donation from Connie, the green bead came from a spare earring of Pauletta's, the Peace sign was also hers.

I am very grateful for all the help in making this. It makes me really happy and it's pretty funky.
It's been a busy week. I had my interview last week with a psychologist for Social Security. That was scary and intimidating, and I'm glad it's over. I got glasses last week. Yay!
I also helped my dad and his Marine buddies get their website in order. Check their page out, for The United States Seagoing Marine Association. Today's raining and thundering so I'm calling it good and getting off the computer for now.

Also, I made bookmarks
They're all alloted for people, they'll be mailed when I have the money to mail them and it's a surprise who they are going to. I had a lot of fun making them and think they'd make awesome gifts. I love unbirthday gifts.

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