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Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Every goal I had this week has already been thwarted. I have no white glue, so I cannot do the stained glass looking project, Michaels was out of bookmark clamps so I am unable to progress further on my bookmark project. I have to scope out whether or not Joann's will have them or if this will have to be an online purchase. I was able to pick up jump rings for the pendants I'm going to use for the bookmarks, so that's something. I was going to return to the storage unit to pick up a few things for myself but alas the key has returned to its owners and I can't get the things I was looking for. Arrgh! Also, I still haven't been able to get to the bead store and pick up beads for my "charm"ing necklace. I want to add some jewel tones and charms that reflect me. I'm a little frustrated right now.  Here's a look at what projects are in my mind. You can find them here:http://pinterest.com/sandmangirl/artsy-craftsy-projects/

I've moved my desk and rearranged my stereo. It seems to be all that I can do. My concentration is shot. I have an eye appt. tomorrow and I'm already nervous.

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