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Thursday, September 26, 2013

End of Sept. Can't wait for Halloween

This week is chaotic. Today we bathed the cats. They're still licking themselves back into place. We walked to the grocery store, picked up a few things and wandered around the local antique and charity store. I picked up a couple of books (Marlene Dietrich, Snoopy Vs. The Red Baron, Breakfast of Champions, and a book on riddles) and check out a really cool leather chair at the antique store. I discovered a number of items I can pick up for my artsy projects.

This week I have an online project to do, website work for a friend, and a personal filing project to work on.

Here's one of the projects I want to do:

Clearly, where I am I cannot do this, this is more of an idea for the future. I'd love to dye the lace black first and then do this. There are always plenty of old lace tablecloths at Goodwill or local antique stores.

I can't wait for Halloween.

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