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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Artsy Project: photo sort and organize

Artsy project: sort through photos, get rid of ruined ones, scan the ones that haven't been scanned and set aside frame worthy photos in separate folder. Needed: time and folder.

I've given myself two weeks to complete this. I will mainly need the time for sorting and scanning. As part of the project I will be going through, sorting and scanning photos, labeling them, and measuring out the photos I want framed, and get the measurements for all items needing framing. I've got a notebook set aside for this, and a ruler. I don't yet think I have enough folders for this project.

When I get the chance, maybe later I'd like to do this with the photos:

I found it here.  I love the idea, plus I already have a spare curtain rod. I also have access to a glue gun. Which, is superb. Thanks to MGX. So, this project is doable, with some ribbon, old frames re-spray painted black. The old frames can be purchased pretty cheap from Goodwill. There are usually oodles of them for a buck or two. If I got really inspired I could spray paint them a theme, one I've been toying with is steampunk, the other is straight black matte, and another is more of a "nightmare  Before Christmas" theme. I could also paint each row of frames a different color ~ silver, gray, cobalt blue and black. I like those colors a lot and they're the colors I've been feeling more in the house. 

UPDATE: I've sorted the photos, discovered a few missing, but finally have them sorted for the most part. Also, due to my friends' support I have at least one frame set aside for the frames, and I'm working on getting more. I also think I may be able to abscond with someone's spray paint for the project and I may have some ribbon coming to me through a friend. 

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