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Friday, March 23, 2012

Projects & getting better

So, I've decided I need a hobby. Something that isn't writing or editing. Something outside of my comfort zone but that I can do, indoors or with friends. Here's the plan. Every month I've picked two items I pinned from Pinterest or elsewhere, on a crafty website, and do them.
Some, are organizational household needs, some are personal needs or learning how-to's. Some are items for the house.
Here's the tentative list so far. It lasts for the whole next year (more planning than I usually do).
  • photo sort, organize, scan and frame
  • Firefly jars for Jody and Connie
  • Making cards for the hubby
  • turn wine bottle holder into bathroom towel holder
  • Apothecary Jars
  • Make myself a neat necklace
  • organize batteries for the house
  • Make a vintage wind chime
  • Organize cards from friends and family
  • Make box book shelves
  • Frame old photos with curtain rod and ribbon
  • Make homemade playdoh
  • Frame Evil Dead & Dawn of the Dead Signed poster & photo with blood spatter frame.
  • Make baby bed spring bulletin board.
  • Frame degrees
  • Make kitchen table centerpiece
  • Make tea party dishes
  • Frame Andy's artwork
  • Organize household user manuals
  • Make Slipcover for the couch
  • Frame the Ghost In The Shell posters
  • Refinish desk
  • Refinish small drawers to match desk and small "Nightmare before Christmas" like chair. 
Let me know your thoughts. I think being crafty could be good for me.

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