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Monday, April 16, 2012

Artsy Project: Firefly jars for summer

firefly jars for summer. Needed: glow in the dark paint, containers or jars for fireflies, small paintbrush, newspaper, palette,

Well, I lucked out on this one, ultimately it was cheap project, and right now I need the cheap entertainment. So, I used jars that I'd already used and cleaned them out, including an old candle holder with a lid. Cleaned them all out and painted the insides with glow-in-the-dark paint found at my friend Jody's mom's house. She'd passed away recently and we spent yesterday cleaning out her property and among the things I found and asked Jody if I could have was the paint. It was pretty old and we weren't sure if it was even usable, but, I shook it up really good a few times and set it in front of my sun lamp and it glows pretty good. Tonight we will find out how long they glow for. So, all in all I used an old pickle jar, 2 old jam jars, one old candle jar and one olive jar. I used a paintbrush I had and it took me about an hour. I'm currently letting them dry, tomorrow I'll go through and add a second layer and set them in front of the sun lamp. Here's what I have so far.

If these look cool I'll make some more and give them to Connie & Jody for their porches for this summer. So far they remind me a lot of the summer I spent in Tennessee with my sister Katie, her cousin Robin, Terry & Bob and Kathy and my Dad. We spent about two weeks there alongside a river.

During that time we went tubing and I got to ride a Tennessee Walker and Kate & her cousin spent a couple of nights catching fireflies and putting them in their shared tent. Their tent glowed and glowed for hours, and all you could hear were the giggling girls. It was pretty amazing. Two little girls and a tent of fireflies, does it get more magical than that? It was a pretty wonderful summer.
I'm hoping the firefly jars will bring a little magic to our summer too.  

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