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Friday, March 9, 2012


I went to the Dr. this week and got all good news. My annual exam can back a-okay, which makes me pretty happy. I'm still on the small tiny dosage of fluoxetine, which is working well.I do have to admit, the medication does seem to be helping me through some really rough spots. I know that after therapy I have better coping mechanisms, but normally this week would have my head spinning, yet I have mostly been okay this week. Which, is a pleasant surprise. I'm going to be calling next week and making an appointment to speak to a new therapist, because I know I still could use that outlet and I still need that extra support. Also, my nails are long and I haven't bitten them in like, a month. I'll post photos at some point.
On a good note though, I have gotten to know some new family this last week. An aunt of mine called and we got to chitchat for a bit, which always makes me happy, I suspect that if I ever get to meet her in person we'll talk each other's ears off something fierce. I feel really fortunate that I have a relationship with her.
One of my sisters also, had her first baby, a little boy, he's quite cute and thankfully healthy. That was a great thing this week.
Also, I've been getting to know a newly-found sister of mine. It is exciting and gives me much to mull over. I want to be a big part of my siblings' lives but I know that boundaries are good to establish. My family is a little, rocky. I want to offer support and a listening ear, and hope that I can do that.

This is the good news.
The bad, well, it blows. We discovered that our gas bill never started or transferred to us, so we now have to pay our current bill and the back bill for the last 15 months. Ugh! On top of that we got a bill from the IRS for a mistake made on our 2010 taxes. Again, Ugh! Not what I wanted. We just doubled our debt in a week. It blows, we were hoping this would be the year we wouldn't be financially strapped, since it will be the third year I've been self-employed. Alas, it's just not looking like it yet. Also, it stinks because we were hoping to make some personal trips this year, and I'm just not sure that's going to happen. Hopefully, we'll be able to straighten things out with the IRS and maybe it was a billing error, or they'll take payment arrangements that are small. Here's to hoping. So ~ wish me luck with the new therapist, and the IRS.

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