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Friday, February 3, 2012

A little blog on wine...

Okay, the first wine, the Calamares vinho verde. We bought this at Tacoma Boys, in Tacoma one night with MGX and thought it would be cheap and maybe drinkable. I bought it for the label, it's an octopus, what's not to love here? Turns out, I loved it. Also, Walter loved it. It was sparkling (which Walter never loves) and light and fruity. It was a great wine, and highly drinkable. It was a random purchase and cheap at $8 a bottle, totally worth it. It'll be something I look for whenever we head to Tacoma now. Loved it, recommend it, think it would be great on a summer night, maybe with some fried calamari.
Okay the Cartlidge and Browne 2010 Sauvignon Blanc. It was okay. Initially Walter didn't like it, but he decided it went better with sweeter foods, not as great with the savory items. I'm not sure we'd buy it again. It was $12-14 and we were kinda "meh" about it. A take it or leave it wine for us, and we'd had high hopes. This was the wine we'd thoughtfully picked out at Tacoma Boys, not our "spur of the moment, I like the label" wine.

Condado de Haza. I love this. I'd own this by the case and cook with it and drink it often. I'm not a fan of red wines usually, they usually give me mean heartburn, but this, was fantastic. I drank nearly a bottle myself, it was so tasty and smooth and yummy and totally drinkable. It wasn't acidic or bitter or too sweet, it was wonderful. I would snap this up in a heartbeat at the store. Loved loved loved it. Angel introduced me to it and I highly recommend it.

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