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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Mixed Tape Catalogue: My October Symphony

This is part 5 of the series from Craig for my B-day.
I like "Black Crow" by Angus & Julia Stone, it just seems quiet and nice. The version on here of "You're the one that I want" slayed me. I wasn't expecting a country fried version of a Grease song. I'm not a big fan of Grease, so it's double unappealing, but boy is it a cover! It was crazy and is totally worth a listen once at least.
I love Camouflage, I picked up an album of theirs years and years back at a Goodwill store in Tucson, when I was in high school and just fell in love. This is a great song, I love it, which is why I linked to it.
Concrete Blonde, well, I love Johnette Napolitano's voice. She's just hot. I admit it, I have a big ole crush on her voice and stage presence. I've met Johnette and she's a wonderful and amazing woman, but the night I met her she was really preoccupied (she had just seen Lou Reed in concert) so, well, it wasn't quite the best meeting of a legend I could hope for, but it was still nice. I sent her off with a Jorge Louis Borges book, Labyrinths, and she signed a cd and I got a hug and got to tell her how much her music had carried me through the years. I got to go backstage because I'd written to her after some really hard times and she wrote back and said I could come backstage.The evening was actually made by the long talk we had with the rest of Blonde while Johnette was watching Lou Reed ( I understand, I'd be starstruck too after watching Lou Reed, he's amazing). Jim was great, we talked about his cat and his life and what touring was like. We talked also to Don McLeod about Kurt Vonnegut and Bokonism. When you bring books to a concert it's surprising the reactions you get from people. I brought the books for Johnette because I thought a book would help pass time on a tour bus. Anyhow, I had a nice time talking with Jim, Don and Gabe about music and books. More about books If I remember correctly. It was another memorable concert. MGX, who had gone with me to Bumbershoot and was a great sport about going and pushing through the crowds with me, almost had her purse stolen and we got to watch the band break into red wine without a bottle opener because Key Arena was too cheap to provide a bottle opener. Fun times. Later, I did get a thank you email from Johnette saying she'd started the books, and had a million questions about the books and that she loved them already. I love spreading the gift of reading, and sharing some Borges is always a good thing, my ex Beth had sent Borges originally my way so I suppose I have her to thank for that.
I also linked to Love and Rockets. I love them, always have. They're good music for dancing, driving, anything really. Now I miss my Love and rockets t-shirt...dammit.

My October Symphony ~~ Pet Shop Boys
Black Crow ~~ Angus & Julia Stone
Ocean and a rock ~~ Lisa Hannigan
You're the one that I want ~~ The Beautiful South
Master & Servant ~~ Nouvelle Vague (with M. L. Gore)
Early Bird ~~ Erasure (with Cyndi Lauper)
I'm good, I'm gone ~~ Lykke Li
Conversation ~~ Camouflage
Answer Me ~~ Anything Box
The Real Thing ~~ Concrete Blonde
A Better Son/Daughter ~~ Rilo Kiley
Fever ~~ Love and Rockets
Eyes on Fire ~~ Blue Foundation
Call it off ~~ Tegan and Sara
I can Talk ~~ Two Door Cinema Club
Going South ~~ Wolfgang Press
Take the skinheads bowling ~~ Camper van Beethoven
Miss Freelove '69 ~~ Hoodoo Gurus
Everyone's fightin' the same damn fight ~~ The lovemakers
I know what I am ~~ Band of Skulls

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