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Thursday, September 29, 2011

My Karma - the low down dirty truth about why God hates me...

I'm kidding about the title.
I like to joke with my friends that in my last life I was Ghengis Khan or I slaughtered babies or something equally atrocious (FYI on a historical note, part of my family ~ Juan and Jesus Maria Elias, actually were responsible for a massacre in AZ, the Camp Grant Massacre) because generally I have "iffy" luck. Anyhow...I joke about this because over the years we've decided that I have no luck in certain things.
For instance:
~ Red Lights... Inevitably whenever I'm in someone's car we will hit every single red light. Whenever someone is driving to my house, they hit every red light too. Always.

~Pizza. I've been forbidden for years from ordering pizza on my own because whenever I do, something goes wrong. I've had the pizza guy actually walk in my house after dropping off the pizza and taking the pizza (a slice off a friend's plate, uneaten too) back because they brought the wrong one. I've gotten horrendously sick a few times, or the pizza's been the wrong one. I just have no luck ordering pizza, so much so that my friends have forbidden me from ordering it. Which is fine, they order it and not a big fan of pizza anyhow.

So, now you know.

1 comment:

  1. Also, on a side note, if you "invoke" Symph's name you will then hit every red light. I even have the t-shirt.