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Sunday, October 2, 2011

For Brandi ~ On her birthday

I have nothing but love for Brandi. I wish I lived closer and could spend more time with her, I always loved goofing off with Brandi when we were in college. 
During our Sophomore year Brandi & Desi moved into the bigger suites on campus so I often harassed them and lurked at their room. You never knew what those two would be up to. I'd often find Brandi upside down on her couch, toes up. She cracked me up. 
I have years and years of memories with Brandi, and a hefty majority are wonderful fun memories (What are you doing?, meeting again in the English building after her year in England, the DM concerts and so many more).  I always feel just really really lucky she still puts up with me and stays my friend after all these years. I love picking her brain and I find her pretty inspirational, she teaches and was in roller derby. Really anything I say will just fall short, Brandi's wonderful. I hope she has a wonderful birthday. So here are some photos of Brandi and I

Brandi and her daughter, Wintress

Angel, Me and Brandi, the morning after the Depeche Mode concert at the Gorge. Thanks to Brandi, who had the cojones to push our way up to the front row.
Brandi, Me and Walter re-creating our infamous photo from Senior year at our psuedo reunion.

Brandi in the Harajuku district

At the Depeche Mode concert

Trilbe, Brandi, Desi, Janhavi and me after the 8 hour road trip home our Freshman year at NAU. I loved that car! Bernie the BMr. It was a truly memorable trip.

Craig and Brandi.

Me and Brandi

Brandi and I at my Dad's house, Christmas, a few years back

Brandi and I seeing who can get to the bottom of the Scorpion first. I think she won this one.

Shane Craig and Brandi, oh how I love them!

Angel, Brandi and I after the DM concert

Walter, Brandi me, Craig and Kim.

Me, Brandi and Walter, Senior year at the library.

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