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Monday, September 26, 2011

No one under 60 will have heard of this...

The summer I turned 13, officially became a teenager, I spent the summer with my Aunt Bevvy and Aunt Ella. Beverly, or Aunt Bevvie was actually my dad's cousin on our grandfather's side.
Ella is on the left, mom in the middle, Bev on the right. God only knows what mom's laughing about but it's a great photo of the three of them. I miss them oodles

Bev is on the left, me, my Dad, Aunt Ella.

Beverly is on the far left, Ella, her mother, is in the middle, and my Mom, Tillie is on the far right.

So, because my Aunties loved funny things, and were pretty funny ladies, they introduced me to the world of Spike Jones. It was love at first listen. For me it was the all of the amazing wackiness of Looney Tunes but in record format. I love Spike Jones and his city Slickers, and I'm a huge fan of Doodles Weaver.
My Aunts also introduced me to the music of Dr. Demento. Because of them, I'm now just demented. When I was 13 my aunts gave me two records:
Spike Jones


Dr. Demento

Also, my Aunt Bevvy was a fan of Elvis, and of Scottish Bagpipes. I also remember spending afternoons listening to their records.
My Aunts were wonderful, and I think in a lot of ways they really saved me from myself and helped me in a time I was lost to everything, including myself. They showed infinite patience with me and walked me through the new world of womanhood when I had few other sources to help. I miss them a great deal.
So, have a laugh today on them,
here's a couple of my favorites:
My old flame
Do you wanna Buy a bunny?
Holiday for Strings
Eleanor Rigby

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