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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mixed Tape Catalogue: James Blue Tape

Solsbury Hill - Peter Gabriel
Red Rain - Peter Gabriel
Caroline - Concrete Blonde
Tomorrow Wendy - Concrete Blonde
Northern England - Wild Swans
Whirlpool heart - Wild Swans
What For - James
Little Earthquakes - Tori Amos
ringfinger - Nine Inch Nails
carnival - Natalie Merchant
My Beloved wife - Natalie Merchant
Wonder - Natalie Merchant
River - Natalie Merchant
A Common Disaster - Cowboy Junkies
Come Calling (his song) - Cowboy Junkies
Come Calling (her song) - Cowboy Junkies
Mercedes Benz - Concrete Blonde
Pushing forward Back - Temple of the dog
Caught a light sneeze - Tori Amos
We do what we can - Sheryl Crow
Living on the edge of night - Iggy Pop
Sax and Violins - Talking Heads
Pharoahs - Tears for Fears

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