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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The new place has lost that new car smell

7 months ago my husband and I moved back to an area of the country I'd previously lived in, and for the most part didn't like. I didn't like the area largely because people are crude, aggressive and occasionally violent. The small city is a navy city with a community college a hop skip and jump from a large Metro city. When I lived here last things were seriously under-developed and everything felt old here, not New England old, but old and rotting. We moved back to the area to be closer to my work, and now, my husband's work also. That said, our current rental house is a bit of a mess and it's in a high crime area. This is new to both my husband and myself. Neither of us have lived in an urban area before, so we're getting our city-wings ( I imagine some sort of hipster version of water wings - maybe martini's will be involved in these somehow). I figure it's preparation for moving to a metro city at some point. I loathe small towns. Always have, likely always will. I suspect the only time I'll be okay with living in the country is if I was to own land myself.
So, our buffering neighbors have moved and I'm on pins and needles a little. Our neighbors buffered us from a bar and convenience store and shelter. Now, it's just a big empty house. The neighbors who moved would be the only ones willing to warn us when weirdos were in our yard, now there's no one there. It makes me apprehensive. Hopefully we will get new neighbors. I'm also hoping that at some point the new movie theater will be up and running and it will help renovate this area and it won't be so crime ridden. Here's to hoping!
In the meantime we're saving and looking for new places.

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