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Monday, August 1, 2011

Promise to post

So, I realize I'm slacking in my posting and I'm going to try from here on out to post on at least one blog every other day. Should keep me busy. I realized I was feeling like a slacker since it seems everyone around me is blogging and I of all people haven't bloghttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifged in weeks. Things have been busy, this weekend MGX and Walter got new phones. One an iPhone the other an Android. I look forward to seeing how this all works out. MGX is notorious for her tech gremlin (there is a reason I would ban her from the server room at our old office). She has a way of destroying all tech she touches. Walter, on the other hand, has no tech gremlin ( I think the gremlin needs a name) and he's generally good and gentle with his tech. That said, I'm curious to see how the group friend dynamic will change since I will be the only non-smartphone owning person. I loathe smartphones BTW. I think they ruin interpersonal interaction in restaurants and movie theaters and all sorts of places. I have moments when I miss home phones.
But, I'm both geek and Luddite, I do like some of the tech of the smartphones, I just hate that instead of a tool, it becomes everything. I'm a Luddite in the fact that I still love records and mixed tapes and old typewriters. So, the move up to smartphones for the farmers has proven interesting so far, we will see how it goes. I will keep you posted.
Otherwise, things here are good. Walter and I just finished watching all 11 seasons of Cheers (I work from home and listen to tv as so much background noise). It was strange to relive it, I remember watching the finale with my dad. Watching the series made me miss him a bit, especially the episode with Kevin McHale of the Boston Celtics.
Recently got to meet an old friend of my husband's. It was a really nice night, lots of fun talk and good food. I hope some day to meet more of his friends from Cali, but we rarely head South.
The Summer here has been nice, mostly cool, but strangely not like a summer. We've had few really warm days. I know we're really lucky, but it makes farming difficult. All of our local farms have been having a rough time of it. Fewer veggies are available at the farmers' markets. It's been pretty disappointing. I picked up a Basil plant last week and I'm hoping it'll get enough sun. We shall see. This bodes badly for the winter, I'm starting already to dread it. Winters up here are so rough already, with no summer to enjoy the winter's just gonna blow that much more. Ah, well we shall see.


  1. I have considered getting rid of my cell phone and instead getting a landline a number of times. It is just cheaper for me to keep the cell, though. (I'm part of my sister's family plan.) I in no way want a smartphone. Not only do they disrupt events, but conversations as well. I get so annoyed when I'm having a conversation with someone who interrupts our discussion to look up something that we're talking about. Um, look it up later. We're talking!!!

  2. So far, the smartphones are mostly useful, MGX has all sorts of tools on her phone (compass, flashlight, level) and it keeps her in touch with the world. Walter uses his sparingly also. I can't say though that I haven't noticed everyone in the room staring at their phone when we should be conversing. I agree, I think it diminishes our interpersonal communication. I know that next month I'll have a smartphone and I'll have to be more connected for work, the key will be moderation and politeness. We will see, I'll keep you updated.