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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Wrecked week over

This last week was a doozy. We had 2 deaths to deal with. A team meeting. A sickish cat. A leaking ceiling.
I'm just glad it's over for the most part. They came a couple of days ago and spackled our ceiling and wall and repainted over everything. It still looks like crap, but it doesn't leak. Our neighbor upstairs, who overfilled his tub which had inadequate caulkage, has been gone all week. It's been nice. It really is the only thing I hate about our apt. complex. Our maintenance lacks. They're slow, the building is kinda crappy and always needs repair. I'll be happy when we can move.
So we've started looking for a new place. Sorta...I look to get an idea of the search area I want to look in and then kinda look at prices. I know we want a place with at least 2 bedrooms and closer to Jenn and Angel and Rich and Jody. We also want a place that takes cats, has a washing machine and dishwasher and isn't a lot more than we are currently paying. We're looking the puget Sound area, which for me is weird, because I used to live over there and then moved to Seattle to be closer to everything. But, we have a support group, which right now, is helpful and would benefit both Walter and I a great deal. So, we're kinda looking.
But, we've still got time.
So, this week was busy, sent out birthday cards, dad's day cards, and thank you cards....can't remember the last time I sent so much mail.
One of the deaths this week has brought to my mind Seattle and transition. I hadn't been friends with this gal in years. I always liked her, she was a little nutty, but generally harmless. I found myself wondering why we hadn't kept in touch...pondering what my life was like then and how hard it's been up here to keep friendships going. Everyone seems to move and keep busy or they're unavailable. It just seems so hard nowadays. I wish there were prep courses to making new stable adult friends. Alas, there aren't. You just have to do the best you can.
One of the perks to a bigger new place will be having a housewarming party/charity party/ etc. It would be so nice. Group game night.
Could be fun.
...so much to look forward to, helps me get through the rough times.

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