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Monday, June 7, 2010

stir fried and bug eyed

So, I've been a little stir crazy lately. I think I've been needing more human interaction, but then again...I have these moments when I all I want is to curl up with my new copy of It. I want interaction with people, but because I don't do it often it doesn't take long for me to get overstimulated. Ya gotta remember, I spend most days indoors, blinds closed except for room for the cats to sit. Because I work from home I don't have much occasion to go out. So, I'm kinda hermit-like.
And I know I should interact more.
But, the thing it, once I get someone, anyone around me my mouth just starts rambling...and rambling....and then blithering...I get all overloaded by being around people other than me and my hubby that I just start talking like an idiot. I've noticed I've done it on the phone lately too ~ said something that was out of place or out of left field....and I don't realize till I've said it that it was the wrong thing to say.
I'm hoping with the oncoming warm weather we'll see more people and I won't feel like such a walking blithering idiot.
One can only hope.

I've gotten no further on any reading, which is bad. I really should read more, I know this. Alas, my attention span has been minute. I can barely keep a thought in my head. I feel like I have senioritis again. This is where the stir crazy part comes in.

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