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Friday, May 21, 2010


So I was sitting this morning thinking about this last week and how surreal it's been. After spending Monday hanging with a friend in the hospital and going over to Bremerton, when normally I don't even leave my house in the period of a week. I was thinking about my shorthand language with Angel, how I can say a couple of choice words and he knows exactly what I'm talking about. I have the same sort of shorthand with Walter and Jenn. I feel very lucky that my friends get my wackiness and indulge in my linguistic games. I say the words "Barn Shark" to either Jenn or Walter and they both promptly start laughing. They know what I'm talking about, they know what my non sequiturs mean. I like that I have shorthand with a number of friends.
I do find myself wondering.
How does this develop? When did this develop? I wonder if everyone has this and how valuable that shorthand must be to people's daily lives.
I've started to realize I don't have enough hours in the day to do everything I need to do.
Scheduling is helping, but not quite as much as I'd hoped.

Otherwise - I went grocery shopping, got some yummy goodness and cat treats. The cats are happy about treats. I need to get them a new scratching post, they've been kinda rambunctious ever since the sun started making a regular appearance. Spring fever has hit my two elderly kitties and they're more spry than I've seen them all winter, it's kinda nice. I keep hoping Izzy will lose more weight and we won't have to worry about kittie diabetes.

Picked up some lime/mango spice for the tilapia I've had in the freezer. We didn't originally like the taste of the fish, I'm hoping the seasoning will help.

Watched Rashomon the other night. Wow, I had no idea what screwed up content there was in that film. It was a good film from filmmaking perspectives. The idea of showing the story from multiple viewpoints is one Kurosawa is known for, to state that the film is a classic is an understatement and I doubt I have anything new to contribute to the film's reviews. I decided not to blog about it, but I am hoping to get through 4-5 Kurosawa films on our Netflix queue for Instant Viewing in the next week or so.
We've been watching Soap, had to stop, it was getting serious and sad. Was watching Angel, had to stop it was getting to filled with Drama. So, I've been listening to more music. Which, has been nice. I like music. I pretty much always have a personal soundtrack going through my head on a daily basis.
Hmm....it's possible I've been watching too much anime lately.

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