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Thursday, May 20, 2010

glad for the little things

So, this last week's been pretty hectic. Spent Monday in the hospital with a very dear friend. She'd been in for a couple of days already and I was there to relieve her partner in crime. It was a surreal day. I haven't spent much time a hospital since I temp'd at Harborview/UWMC. Those two hospital centers are vastly different from Harrison Hospital in Bremerton. It's a hospital obviously in need of upkeep and a new coat of paint, if you catch my meaning. It was a quiet day, spent watching my friend drift in and out of sleep, she slept so quietly. I forgot anyone sleeps that soundly. Heavy medication will do that to you though.
I read on my book throughout the day, I'd brought along an old copy of Terry Pratchett's Mort, to read. I always bring his books with me when I travel or I'm in need of a pick-me-up. I know I've read each book at least twice, but I laugh every time. I wish he'd written oodles more. So, I ended the day being about 3/4 of the way through.
It was an interesting day, I had lunch with Angel at a sub place in Bremerton I hadn't been to in ages. Different owner, some of the same sandwiches available. I had a yummy Rueben and Angel and I talked about the hospital and our worries. He looked more rested, which was nice to see. It was surreal, to spend the whole day (I'd arrived in Bremerton around 8:30 am, left my house at 5:45 to get to Bremerton via bus and ferry) in a hospital room only to emerge into the real world and interact with people and end up in an area of Bremerton which holds unpleasant distant memories. I ended up in Manette which is near where my first apt., almost 11 years ago burned down. I haven't been there in awhile. Bremerton is always surreal for me because I lived there first when Angel and I moved up to the PacNW. The rent was cheaper and we could commute and do ok. Rent in town was more expensive at the time and the ferry prices weren't so high.
Spent some more time in the hospital waiting. Zipped over to see some old friends, and caught a late boat and cab home. Cabbie was nice, quiet, non demonic ~ all good things in a cabbie.
Today we received a strange package from UPS, a car part being returned, not ours, we don't drive.
I have a work meeting today, which should be interesting, probably fairly low key.
Hoping to run to the store today before the rains pick up. Hopefully today will be fairly quiet and productive. I'm hoping to get caught up on K's book. Arrgh. I hate it when I fall behind on projects.
The worst part of all of this is that I've got an Outlook planner with everything on it, but I'm too afraid to open it because there will be oodles of messages going off. I've also got another planner in Zoho to help me plan but haven't opened it for the same reason.
Arrgh. I think sometime in the next month I'm gonna make an office supply run and get all of my husbands and my personal files filed. I've got to work on my own personal organization. Sure, I can organize someone else's office like nobody's business, but my own. hah!
Ahh well, all in due time.
Living a tiny apartment has reminded me deeply of the need for shelving and compartments. I'm getting better at it, but it does require resources.
Resources are definitly what I'm short on. I need glasses, hearing aide, more kitty meds, healthcare, a filing cabinet, a laptop that doesn't flop when I move, filing folders and ink, time, time and more time. Also, I'd like more sleep too while I'm at it and more writing time....
Ah well, there is always tomorrow.

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