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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Yesterday last night and today...

So, last night I made popscicles and I still haven't tried them out. I found the recipe here http://gazingin.com/2013/06/11/sunflower-banana-popsicles/
I'll let ya know how it goes.

I also made banana bread last night, after hitting the grocery store. The banana bread turned out alright and I was pretty happy about it.

Last night all went to hell though after we discovered Izzy (aka The Bunny) butt scooting and yowling and generally looking uncomfortable. She peed everywhere she could for about an hour and then eventually we crated her and she peed. Once we got her out and cleaned her and the crate up she started to settle. She finally laid down on her papa's belly and slept. I, in the meantime, had a panic attack and cried a lot. Izzy has a history of UTIs and they're often painful. Because of this we've had her on a diet for the last few years (she's lost a couple of pounds) and we changed her diet to wet only. She's 15, and I know, I'm lucky to have her live this long. Still, I can't help but always want more time with her. She's a good friend, and I hate seeing her in pain. I hate seeing anyone in pain, but it kills me when I can't do anything to make it better. Last night, I slept in the room with Puppy, partially to keep him from bugging Izzy. When I got up she was doing a little better. All day she's been improving little by little, picking up, pepping up. We don't have the money for the vet visit right now, antibiotics yes, the whole Dr. visit to diagnose the UTI, no. Which, is frustrating. Shoot, at this point I'm on assistance, I most certainly don't have the money for vet visits, which is upsetting to me as a parent. I've always tried really really hard to provide well for my cats and my family. Not being able to, sucks and it's a huge blow to my ego. I feel a little devastated by all of this. I'm grateful Izzy seems to be better, we're hoping she just ate something that disagreed with her, but if it turns out she's ill, there's nothing I can do but try and comfort her.
This is hard, and it really sucks.
This, on top of everything else.
This said, there's a lot right now I can't control and I have to just roll along with what life pitches at me. Sometimes the adversity of life is hard but you just have to keep going.
So, right now I'm drinking a hot cocoa and watching my cat look at the window (thankfully quiet and calm) and listening to the X-files, thanking my lucky stars I have a quiet nice moment like this at all. It could be worse. Things are hard, bound to get harder, but you just have to keep going, at some point, some day, things can also get better.

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