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Wednesday, June 12, 2013


So, this week has been okay. Been hanging with the kitties this morning. My back was out yesterday so I was mostly in pain and slept a bit. I need to work out more and hoping to start soon. Maybe today, I'm not sure if my back will be up for it or not. I gotta get some housecleaning done and go to the grocery store. I'm excited, my friend Angel has been helping organize a benefit to help our friend Liz. If you'd like to help, you can go here: http://bit.ly/17E7qyI. Liz is a wonderful entrepreneur and I highly recommend helping, if you can. Thanks for listening.

It's been cold and dark up here in Seattle, I'm hoping we will get something akin to summer soon. Arrrgh...I'm tired of the gray.

What inspires you on gray days to be active?

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