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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Today's update

My day started off with a lovely text from my friend Jody. I love getting texts from people. They're like the little fun notes passed in class. Also, this song plays whenever she calls. It's Kip Addotta's "Wet Dream" a Dr. Demento fav.

I'm hoping to work out today and write a bit today, in that order. I'm also hoping to get the red tape assessed today. I hate red tape. And really, all I want to do is curl up in bed and sleep another 12 hours. Depression does that to you. Instead today I'm up and drinking my coffee and planning my day.


I'm hoping to get some things to paint next week when I have some monetary help. Hopefully that will help settle my brain a little. I'm also hoping that the medical assistance will help me get glasses, which I really need, and help with therapy costs. I'm dreading therapy and the hunt for a new therapist, but I know once I get a good one and get started it will help with my anxiety and depression. The exercise, in theory, will help with the depression. My former therapist always said exercise was a wonderful cure for depression. It is time I took his advice. I'm so damn tired of the depression. I've been battling with depression off and on since I was 11. I'm tired of fighting this fight. I don't think the medication I'm currently taking is helping enough with it. It helps with the anxiety and the panic attacks, but well, not the depression. So, we hooked up the xbox kinect this weekend, had an awesome night on Saturday playing Rock Band with MGX and Angel. The other bonus to hooking up the kinect is that I can use the exercise game we have. I really enjoyed using it when we were at our house. It's been 5 months so I'm due to work out. Plus, I can try and keep up with Walter and Whitney.
In other news, we're hoping to be in our own place in June or July. That will be nice. I am looking forward to it. I'm grateful our friends have taken us in and we have a safe place to be. On our own though is good, and important. I'd really also like to get our things out of storage and get the kitties settled.
So, these are my thoughts for today. Thanks for reading, lemme know your thoughts. I love hearing them.
Here's my question for you:

What gives you solace?

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