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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Happy boxes

So, I've finally gotten around to posting again. It has been chaotic in my life lately. These first two photos were taken a few weeks ago with a good friend of mine. We're trying to go walking. Both were taken on the coast of Poulsbo. It's pretty. It's a nice place to walk. 

Apothecary jar I made with blue flat marbles and fake candles  in it.
The Apothecary jar here, has blue stones and fake candles in it. I like how it looks.

black dessert stands, or stands for jewelry or whatnot

Happy Little Boxes

Dessert stand holding bottles, I like how this looks

next project, centerpiece...only halfway there though

So that's it, above are the projects I've been working on. Haven't got much else to write, a lot is going on, but most of it is rather private and sad and depressing. Best to keep to myself just now.

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