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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Updates on life

So, a number of things have been happening in our little universe. Walter's mom is doing better, she should be in rehab in a few weeks. Yay!
Walter's eyes are going in for their exam next month. Yay! This means we are closer to the cataract surgery and new eyeglasses for my sweetie. This is a wonderful, albeit scary time for us.

Our good friend Richard, who married us (the Pirate above) suffered a heart attack and is still with us, thankfully. Scary times indeed.
We may be moving soon. Which is good, the neighborhood we live in is routinely scary. I can't wait to move. I hate the town I live in, and if I never live in a small scary neighborhood like this again it will be too soon.
I've been finishing projects. I should have photos up soon of the changes.
On the upside we've gained some lovely art this last month. I purchased for my birthday a piece of Jenny's artwork, see here, we purchase Sparkle Toes Listens to Blue Music. We also purchased a piece from the Seattle Erotic Art Festival by Chris Maher. And, to top it all off our friends Paul & Janet gave me a lovely framed piece for my birthday. It's been pretty exciting. Also, Walter purchase a small piece at the local Farmer's Market by Stephani Morgan.

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