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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Book List 1

I love to read, and I'm quite the bookworm, though I have realized over the last few years I've read less than ever in my youth. I used to finish a good thick book every couple of days. Now, it takes weeks. So, I'm trying to get more reading into my life.
Here's my current reading list:
Charles de Lint - The Blue Girl
Tad Williams - Otherland, part 2
Dean Koontz - Odd Thomas
Ursula K. LeGuin - The Left Hand of Darkness
Bryan Lee O'Malley - Scott Pilgrim
about 15 comic books

I'm currently trying to finish Odd Thomas. I'm enjoying it, but got stalled...Hopefully will make a final push to finish this soon. I'm not sure what I'll start reading next, any thoughts? Recommendations? Thoughts on these books or writers?

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