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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Birthdays & Updates

It's been a busy week here in the Jones household. We celebrated Walter's birthday this week and had a good weekend. We did lose a cat this week, which was rough, and we miss him. I dyed my hair and was given some much needed items for the house last week, a second-hand lovely desk and shelves as well as Walter's gift and some clothes I needed for summer. The allergies are already killing me. So, as part of his birthday Walter made some personal resolutions and I have offered to help him with these.
Now, in addition to my own recent resolutions ~ no nail biting, working on my weight, cutting down on snacks, flossing every day, I'm working out with Walter. Also, we've got a new client at work and I'll likely be quite busy working on that project in addition to my daily editing. I foresee the rest of May to be swamped. We have a tea with friends this month and The Armed Forces Day Parade, which is in a couple of weeks. I'll post photos. May's already been quite busy, with summer coming up I expect us to be exceedingly busy.

NOTE: Added the photo just now, the new desk and the new shelves, also my hair color in one photo is brown and my natural color, the photo with the sunglasses is the new, darker hair color. 

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