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Monday, April 23, 2012


So today I dreamed of my mom, for the first time since she died. Mom died May 5, 1987. Today was her birthday. I'd like to think maybe it means something. I don't know though. It touched me though. In the dream she was alive, and I was refusing to leave her side. She was wearing a nice, pink sweater and had her hair coifed. It was nice to see her looking like herself & happy.
Mom, Uncle Mike and Chuck. It's hard to believe how young Mom was once. 
I woke up missing her like crazy. A few of my favorite photos of Mom.
Ella, Mom, and Beverly. They were always laughing like this, or singing.

Mom, at my sister Mary's house, for Thanksgiving I believe.
Also, a note on the teacup photo. Mom was crazy on the teacups. She loved to make those spin like crazy. I remember puking at least once on that ride with her. She was a hoot. Mom was a lot of fun, let it be said. I remember many afternoons watching Godzilla films and Star Trek with her, and my love of those things (and occasionally having ice cream for breakfast) come from her. 
Mom is in the yellow teacup here grinning, I'm opposite, holding on for dear life.
Mom and Dad, their wedding.

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