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Monday, September 5, 2011

Mixed Tape Catalogue: Volume 1 Brandi's Blue 80's tastic & Strange Mix

Side A
Damien Rice - Woman Like a Man
Madonna - A Girl...
Sakuramba - Otsuka Ai
Mandalay - Kissing the day
Magnetic Fields - I don't want to get over you
Tori Amos - A Sorta Fairytale
Radiohead - High and Dry
Daft Punk - One More time

Side B
Reef - Place your Hands
Blink 182 - All of This
Theme to Sesame Street
The Muppet Show theme
The Inspector Gadget Theme
The Theme from The Smurfs
Three's Company Theme
Happy Days Theme
Laverne and Shirley Theme song
The Facts of Life themeseong
Depeche Mode - Policy of Truth
Depeche Mode - Master and Servant
Depeche Mode - Enjoy the Silence

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