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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Mixed tape Catalogue: Streetcorner Symphony

This was part of a set of CDs given to me on my birthday, a fabulous birthday in which Craig, Walter and & I got to see Concrete Blonde on their Bloodletting Anniversary Tour. I even kicked a little butt (it's a long story...). It was a great night. Without further ado here is Craig's Streetcorner Symphony mix.

Also it should be noted that I'd requested songs in a FB post earlier, I was lamenting how I wanted certain songs: namely the Gorillaz's "Dare", "Seven Nation Army" by the White Stripes, "Ms. Jackson" by Outkast, and "Sea of Love" by Cat Power. Craig, sweetly and thoughtfully put these songs on here for me.

Streetcorner Symphony~ Rob Thomas
Dare ~ Gorillaz
Had it all ~ Andy Bell
Give me back my Man (superjupiter remix) ~The B 52s
All Day Afternoon~ The Judybats
Ms. Jackson ~Outkast
Jack and Jill Party Pet Shop Boys & Pete Burns
Today~ Matisse & Johnette Napolitano
The Garden ~Mirah
Seven Nation Army ~Alice Russell
Rebellion (lies)~ Arcade Fire
Northshore~ Tegan and Sara
Portions for foxes ~Rilo Kiley
Supernature~ Erasure
Sea Song~ Lisa Hannigan
Sugar Town ~Zooey Deschanel
Final Spark ~~The Beautiful South
Sea of Love~ Cat Power { a version I love, but I adore I Found a Reason by Cat Power better}
Cheap Tequila ~Buzz Gamble and Johnette Napolitano

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