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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Birthday rehash and general malaise...

My birthday was a few weeks ago and I haven't blogged since largely because I've wanted to avoid everything that was bugging me then. I know, avoidance = bad. It means I'm not facing the issues bothering me, but I really felt I needed some time to process and some me time. So - my birthday was a fresh breeze.
Started the day with coffee goodness, pilled the cat, caught the bus to the ID, bought our sandwiches at Salumi, I had a proscioutto with goat cheese and fig spread. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't spectacular by any means. I was rather disappointed there were no veggie goodness on the sandwich and was heavy on the bread. I'm not a fan, but I'm happy to say we tried them. Walter had lamb and roasted pepper. His was pretty yummy, but still bread heavy. We ate at the UPS fountain which was quite busy. We then walked towards the market, under the treacherous viaduct. We stopped in at a revolutionary bookstore. The clerk had a nice mohawk, made me miss mine. I think I made my husband pause the other day when I said I was thinking of shaving it and getting a mohawk again. I probably won't - I like having long hair, and having long blue hair sounds especially nice to me. Anyhow, we then headed to the comic store, smurfed out comic goodness, drooled over the Sandman statues, and then we headed to BLMF which I love. I love the store, he always has at least 3-4 things I want any time I go in. Plus, this time he had the Absolute Death...I have to admit, I really want to complete my Absolute collection. The one thing I really collect - Sandman. So, after more book drooling at BLMF ( I like the new space) we left and went by the amazing fruit juice stand where my hubby bought my favorite drink there - watermelon juice. There's nothing more thirst quenching I tell ya. We then went to a record store that I'm no longer a big fan of. Like all music stores - they're employees are smug. They're prices have raised lately and I'm just not a fan anymore. We left there and decided a pint was a good idea. Kell's was close so we each had a beer and I had a lovely shot of whiskey. It was quite nice, recommended by the bartender, who was very nice. After all of this we toodled a bit, I had a zen moment in Xanadu listening to Ceremony in the back of the store. Also, had a great conversation with the clerk there about the store's Martian Manhunter bust. I've decided before I leave Seattle for good, if I do, I'm going to take that particular bust with me. On the label of the bust the clerk had written, years back, "I'm so alone..." . As a result of my love for Sandman, I always enjoyed the interaction Morpheus had with Martian Manhunter, and the bust and the quote always tugged at me. So, now I have to buy the bust someday. So - yeah the clerk and I had an interesting discourse about Martian Manhunter and Sandman. I like Xanadu as a comic store, they're generally nice, they carry all kinds of comics and they look like what I expect a comic store to look like.
We left Xanadu then hit Craig's hotel. It's quite nice, very posh. The couched didn't look comfortable at all until I sat on them. We stayed a bit and then once Craig was off we hit the Nightlife, which was quite the amazing dive bar. wow...I mean wow. We ended up drinking, I kid you not, Pabst Blue Ribbon. It's been eons since I've had PBR. Just not my style anymore, but dive bar is what we were looking for. That's definitely what we got. I have to say, it was a lot of fun with Craig and Walter. We ended up watching the locals for a while. We also found ourselves transfixed by one particular woman who was wearing a very short pink dress with a slouched front and it looked, like you could see her panties (and the lettering on said panties) through the dress. It was odd, she'd paired this itty bitty fiasco with tan cowboy boots. Kinda amazing all in all. Anywho - we kept trying to figure out what her panties read - all we could make out was "EAT FU". I thought - an advertisement for tofu? So, after a bit of this we made it down to the concert. Got in line. Noticed a proliference of baby bats out. I don't think there could have been more girls with black hair wearing stripped stockings if you'd paid everyone to do so. Almost everyone there was wearing their finest goth gear, unless they were the older goths. Also - bigger vampy group due to the concert nature.
They let us in later than I thought they would. We got to the front row because were there earlier and we were about the 7th in line. I like front row, it enable me to see the singers and I get a better grasp of the music. I've seen Johnette front row one other time, in Mesa around 98 or so. I was living in Phoenix and she was touring solo with Maria Fatal, an LA rock en espanol band. She was amazing, nay mind blowing. Her voice, her range, her power...she's just amazing. Plus, the crowd that night loved her. They were also amazing to the opening band. It was a fantastic concert. So, I had high hopes for this one. They lived up to it, it was a great concert. The band was great. Johnette's voice and showmanship was great. Jim's guitar work was a joy to hear. Gabriel's a phenomenal drummer. The band was in fine shape. They put on a great show. The crowd was something else. Also - I now officially hate the Showbox's security.
So, within about 15 minutes of the show starting I start to feel a push behind me of the crowd. I look behind me and then there's this itty bitty baby bat who's giving me the "aren't I cute? Don't you want to let me in the front row?" look. She starts to try to get in next to me and I push her back. I don't know what happened after she got behind me because I was focused again on the concert. So, another couple of songs go be and then this blond woman is right behind me being loud, I can hear her over the singing, even with my good ear towards the singer. I give her a dirty look, because really - it's rude. So - she starts texting next. I yell at her to stop because it's incredibly rude and the band asked us not to. She starts yelling back, telling me it's okay, I tell her it's not, and how rude it was and how she was ruining my experience. She ended up moving back. Honestly - texting in the front of a concert. That's just inconsiderate to the performers and your fellow patrons. Especially in a darkly lit small concert.
So, finally it's the last couple of songs. The crowd cheered for an encore and the last some came on "Still in Hollywood". About 2 minutes into it a woman comes barreling out of the back of the crowd, through my husband and the guy and girl next to him and pushes her drunk self to the front. She then pushes as close as she can to the stage and blissfully ignores the swath of pissed off people behind her. The guy next to my hubby tries to get his spot back but the woman persists, and she's kinda hard to move on account of drunk and being a woman of goddess size. So, he tries again, I head in and my husband tries to stop me, I tell him no and go anyhow and pushed her, with the help of the other guy, out. Mainly through persistant use of elbows and sheer determination. I don't know why we weren't thrown out, it was like human bumper cars for a few minutes there. I wasn't about to let that megabeeeatch ruin my concert and take my place, or really, take my husband's place. That's just wrong. The largest and most drunk shouldn't win. Anyhow, she was eventually hauled off by security, who were largely asleep or just didn't care. The itty bitty baby bat who thought she could get herself into the front row earlier ended up disrupting the concert by falling over a railing and hitting some equipment after being allowed in a no-go area by a far too permissive security guard. lame.
really lame
I love concerts, I hate crowds. It's quite the conundrum.
So, after watching the baby bats and older goths leave the venue, like dark patches in a bright night we headed back to the hotel. They were kind and called cabs. We called a cab and had an safe nice ride home. My feet ached so much. However, I was totally glad I hadn't gone goth and worn my awe inspiring heels. It did bring to mind I'm in need of some bitch boots soon. I have a pair of demonia's I've been lurking over for a couple of months. Some day.
So - that was my b-day. All goodness and some ass kicking too.
So - yeah I was in a funk over the whole family expansion issue. I have recently gotten to know more siblings of mine. It's revelatory to say the least.
I've just needed time to process. I think, if I get the opportunity to be a friend, then whoo hoo for me and them, we both get out ahead. If if doesn't work, we find out we don't have anything good in common, we don't get along, I don't know they get worried, they don't like me, whatever. Say it doesn't work and I don't end up friends with my siblings, well, at least I tried, and I hope I've offered more friendship than family misery. I would hate to think they just end up worse. All I can do is try though, trust is hard for everyone it seems.
Trust. it's been quite the theme in my life recently. I've had to learn that it is a tricky thing. Quite a while back I stopped talking to a family member because I felt they were pushing me too hard to get to know them, to talk. I wasn't ready. I did what I always do - I cut them off.
I'm now in a situation where someone is getting to know me and mine and is very cautious. so - it brings my own experience there to mind. I hope we don't scare them away. Trust is a difficult thing that takes years to establish, and can be dissolved so quickly.
You have to learn to trust yourself and then work outwards. Sometimes that's all you can do.

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