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Friday, September 23, 2011

Mixed Tape Catalogue: I Hear A Symphony

This is part 4 of the cds Craig made for me.
I'd heard "I hear a symphony" all the time growing up. People in my life, and maybe the other Symphonys get this, but people in my life fall into two categories, the ones who sing "Symphony of Destruction" by Megadeath or those who sing "I hear a symphony". Whenever people meet me, depending of course how gregarious they are, they will always either tease or comment on the name, but people always check to make sure they heard me right, so in checking people will say "oh, symphony like I hear a symphony? (or, if younger, ...like Switchblade Symphony or Symphony of Destruction)". I am pretty sure I screwed all of the punctuation in the that last sentence up. Anywho, moving on. People never just believe that my name really is Symphony, they always check. So, I am really familiar with the song. And, I kinda like it.
I had to link to Start wearing purple. I love Gogol Bordello after discovering them in the movie Wristcutters. So, this was just awesome to find on the CD.
The covers of Here comes your man, just like heaven, and Beds are burning are pretty amazing. Of them, I like Johnette and Will's version of Beds are Burning. It's a great raw song, she has a fantastic voice for it. If anyone could cover Midnight Oil it's Johnette.
I love Paper Planes by MIA, originally because it samples my favorite Clash song "Straight to Hell". Inevitably whenever I hear this song I have to break out with Walter's The Clash live on Broadway (disc 3) so I can listen to my favorite version of "Straight to Hell". In fact, I had to pause writing this to find it and listen to it. Otherwise, I like Paper Planes because it is a great criminal song by someone from a very war torn area of the world. MIA is no stranger to violence and politics. It's an interesting juxtaposition to have MIA sample The Clash.
Having the Nat King Cole en espanol version of Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps this was a big treat for me. I love covers. This is a very uniquely Cake version. For funsies you should check out each version. I originally heard the NKC version in the movie "In the mood for love".
I requested Play with Fire, I'd had it in my head for days following a watching of "Darjeeling Limited". I love the movie and various songs from the the movie will occasionally enter my head.
I've also linked to the Concrete Blonde song here, It was a great live performance when I saw it at Bumbershoot many moons ago.

I hear a symphony ~Diana Ross & the Supremes
Start wearing purple~ Gogol Bordello
Here Comes your man ~Meaghan Smith
Just Like Heaven~ The Watson Twins
Beds are Burning ~Will Crewdson & Johnette Napolitano
Everybody love me but you ~Juliana Hatfield
24 Hours ~Terry Poison
Animal ~Neon Trees
Month of May ~Arcade Fire
Paper Planes~ M.I.A
Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps~ Cake
Jive Talkin' ~The Judybats
Play with fire ~The Rolling Stones
Icky thump~ The White Stripes
Anyone~ Camouflage
Lazy~ Love and Rockets
Gonna get along without you now~ She and Him
Godspeed~ Jenny Lewis
Take me home~ Concrete Blonde
Baby gets high ~Blake Babies
On a cloud ~PPP featuring Karma

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