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Monday, August 29, 2011

Mixed Tape Catalogue: Tape from Michelle "The Beauty of your spirit twinkles in my head"

I feel I should say something here about Michelle's taste in music. It was out there. And, it was out there in a good good way. Michelle loved eclectic crazy techno and amazing goth music. I loved that she shared it with me in abundance. My only fault ever in her cds was that she'd make everyone the same cd. You didn't often get a unique mix, just for you. Like I said though, she had wild taste, as evidenced by the Nina Hagen here. But, some of it was also just great, and you'd know it was a Michelle mix because it would have Sisters of Mercy or Siouxsie on it somewhere. Her two most common bands. I won't lie, it was part of my attraction to her, she was a goth girl like me, we could hit the clubs in agreement. Music was something Michelle and I actually got right. Michelle and I usually agreed in music. It was an important thing to me in those days.
Off the subject (but it's been in my brain because I received a wedding invite from my college roomie Dawn) but my first college roomie and I had remarkably similar taste in music. It was one of the perks to living with Dawn, I could enjoy almost any cd she put on and still think of Dawn and the first snowfall in Flagstaff whenever I hear Simon & Garfunkel's The Boxer. Dawn had her 5 CD player in loop for the night and that just happened to be the song I woke up to.

I Walk the Line - Alien Sex Fiend
Antiworld - Nina Hagen
Money - KMFDM
20th Century Boy - Siouxsie and The Banshees
Swelling Itching Brain - Devo
Kiss King - Pigface
Big Blue 82 - Danielle Dax
Angel - Wolfgang Press
Louis XIV
Needles in the camels eye - brian eno
Sacrilege - Mission
Come Hell or high water - Rosetta Stone
3 Imaginary Boys = The Cure

Oh and if I made you have Simon & Garfunkle's The Boxer in your head, here's your link too.

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