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Friday, August 26, 2011

Mixed Tape Catalogue: Education in Infestation made by Michelle

Another CD by Michelle, although this may have been a borrow from Bunny. This one more rare..and that is why there are no links, I couldn't find any videos anywhere of these...sorry folks.

The Sisters - Intrusion
Annie Sprinkle - Even Nice People Can get VD
The Owls - Regrets
Pleasant Gehman - Speed
Contingence - Oblivious
Gwar - Hate Love Songs
Don Bajema - One of those guys
The Sisters - Intersection
The Hill - Lounge Cat called sin
Chagrin - Picture
Johnette Napolitano - Thoughts on the death of a princess
Gibralter - Eldolon
Quentin Crisp - How to be happy
The Sisters - Infestation
Neil Gaiman - Babycakes

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