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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Daybehavior - See You (cover of Depeche Mode song)

Daybehavior's version of Depeche Mode's See You touches a deep nerve in me. I love the song because it's just a beautiful, simple song of love and friendship and growing up.
Like all that I listen to this song has a history in my life. It reminds of when I was living in Phoenix (specifically up near Scottsdale, a 7th circle of hell), with a friend. I lent the album this song was on - Your World In Our Eyes - a tribute to Depeche Mode to Tim. I met Tim through Hedra, and sadly held the whole thing against her when it blew up in my face (I probably shouldn't have, I know this now...). Tim was a douche. Enough Said. Regardless, I lent the douche the CD and never saw it again. I got two things out my brief fling with Tim - I saw South Park the first time with him, and he was proof my life was continuing on after I'd had a particularly bad breakup. He was proof things in my life had changed. He was still a douche - our first date movie was Spike and Mike's Sick and Twisted Film Fest. It didn't bode well as an indicator of things to come. So, yeah ~ this song reminds me of Tim.

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