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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Welcome to the land of Adventure!

I haven't blogged in a bit, thought I'd give it a spin and vent a bit. It's been an adventuresome few months. So, last time I wrote it was about a week before the move. It's been two months. A lot has happened. We've moved, with lots of help from Donny and Rich and Jenn and Angel and John and Jon and Mikie and Connie. Donny even took a day off work to help us move and everyone drove to Lynnwood and Bremerton at least a few times. The move was pretty epic but pretty easy all in all, everyone was a huge help.
I don't even think anything broke this move. In the move prior we'd lost a couple of dressers which really was hard. This move, nothing. Which, is nice. We also had a lot less stuff to move this time. No couch, no dressers, fewer chairs. So, the move itself went pretty well. We were donated a lovely dining room table and chairs & tv. They're great and it's nice finally having somewhere to eat dinner together. The house we moved to is 100 years old and it has a lot of charm and quirks. I think we may also have mice. We've been trying to get our handyman to come over but the weather's been bad and he's been ill. Also we've had some interesting incidents in our house in the 2 months we've been here. Before we moved in someone had kicked at our side door, trying to get in. Our basement flooded. We've had someone beat our mailbox in with a pipe, they also took out our neighbor's mailbox. Our neighbors caught a man in our yard taking a crap. He ran and wasn't caught, though our neighbor thinks he was later the same man taken out of our local 711 on a stretcher. We live near a bar, a convenience store and a mission. It makes the area trafficked a lot by people in various stages of obnoxiousness.
So, the house is old and has quirks. The door pulls are weird and unique, one is a rose, another 2 are a paid of beautiful tiled knobs, another pair of knobs look like eyeballs. All of our light fixtures are unique, although our chandeliers aren't our style at all. One of the really nice things is the curio cabinet that's built in, probably where the fireplace used to be.

Here are some other photos of the house:

So, the house is an adventure, just two months in and I've already had to file a police report. On a good note though, I think once it warms up and it's not quite so bitter cold we can go outside work on the yard, plant some things, do some maintenance, our place will have a more "there's people living here" look and we won't likely have quite such a hard time with the local yokels. I think the house hadn't been lived in for a while prior to our move in.
Since the move in I've been readjusting to Walter's farm schedule. For the most part with the weather being as cold and bitter as it has, the farm schedule has been mostly sporadic. He even had 2 weeks off from farming due to weather related stresses.
The farm has been an interesting experience I think. It seems that for Walter it is a rewarding one. I know I enjoy it, I like him working, he feels productive and I think it makes him happy. Tired, but happy. The farm certainly has its trying moments, (rotting veggie pulling, spontaneously aborting cows, hours of bending over to plant...it is hard labor after all) but I really think a part of him genuinely enjoys it. I know I love getting the veggies from the farm, it was quite the culinary education for me. I had to cook veggies I'd never heard of much less thought of eating. It was much fun. I'm a pretty open eater, I will try almost anything once. I loved getting random veggies to try and make dinner and breakfast with. And, we ate healthy last spring with all the veggies coming our way. All organic, all yummy. It's nice to think as I get older, I'm actually getting some things right. Eating right, for the most part, I do. I make a concerted effort to eat healthy, however I do have to admit, the winter and this move had been a slight hindrance to our eating habits. We now live further away from our grocery store than when we were in our apt. The walk is a bit more daunting, plus there's been a lot of snow, we've eaten a number of times from local restaurants instead of me cooking dinner. That's not like me, I'd almost always rather cook than go out. I like to cook, it makes me happy. So, hopefully once we get a grocery-getting schedule down we'll likely eat better, but for now it's okay. I'm really looking forward to spring and all it's fruit and veggie goodness, and I'm excited about planting myself this spring, I finally have a yard to do it in and with help from Jenn's tools I should be able to get the yard in tip-top shape, maybe even get some pretty yard art.
Today after I'm done posting here I'm hoping to finally set up the guest room, I'd been using it as an office, but I'd rather have the guest room space. I think I'm going to make it red and white. I went through a red phase years back when all my room decorations were a bright red, and even our wedding decorations had some bright red to them. So, I have a slew of red things, and I think I'm going to coordinate the room to it, Jenn is lending us her mattress from her trundle which is wonderful. It's nice to have an actual room to offer company. I'm hoping some friends from Seattle will be able to come over and stay at some point. Also, my cousin and his wife may come up to visit some time later this year, so instead of sleeping bags, there will be an actual bed and room. Whoo hoo! Moving up in the world I tell ya.
Since the move I've discovered my husband's love of antiquing. No, really. Loves it. He has a fascination with old things and things from another era. It's fun to watch him in a store. We have a few near us that he keeps sucking me into. However, it has given him a nifty idea for our downstairs spare room - speakeasy. Instead of the gaming man-cave he's hoping to do a dark and quite room styled from the 20s with old books and a couch and low lighting. I think it sounds great, and quiet. I love any room idea that involves bookshelves.
Another great thing about our new place - just blocks from the local brand new fire station. Also, we're fairly close to the Post Office, ferry, a park, and several decent restaurants. We are also lucky because our neighbors, at least one set are fairly vigilant, they're always looking out for us too and seem pretty nice. Both neighbors are families, which is nice also. They have little yippy cute dogs that bark furiously whenever weirdos walk by, so they serve as an early warning system.
Okay, I gotta go, off to go scavenge food in the snow. Will post more later, hopefully it will be more about projects less about house bitching or general randomness...
thanks for reading..

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