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Sunday, August 18, 2013

A detour through my top 100 Television shows and notes on my blog changes

A couple of notes for my diligent readers: I am combining my old movie blog with this blog. Currently it is the only way to make it all work for me, streamlines my blogging. So, here is the first blog about movies/tv/directors from the Symphonic Cinema blog

A detour through my top 100 Television shows ( in no particular order)
1.      MASH - How could you not love this show? The fact that it's often being shown somewhere in the world is a bonus. It's a show I used to watch with my Dad, a Korean Vet.
2.      China Beach, another show Dad and I both loved. I really loved McMurphy & Boonie & Cherry
3.      Scooby Doo, Where Are You? A Staple of my misguided youth. My 2 favorite episodes are the one with Cass Elliot and The One with The Addams Family.
4.      The Addams Family, this explains a lot. I have a goal someday of going out for Halloween as Morticia.
5.      Star Trek: Voyager I love this show, it's my favorite out of the all of the Star Trek franchise
6.      Ghost in the Shell SAC 2nd Gig, Truly a favorite series.
7.      Hong Kong Phooey, another favorite from my youth
8.      You Can't Do that on Television - a gross fun wild show
9.      Kids Inc.I loved the music
10.  Fraggle Rock, used to rush home to watch it with my brother
11.  Barney Miller, I loved Fish
12.  My two dads, I really dug this show, I had a single dad too
13.  Cheers, Dad and I watched the finale together and loved The Celtics' cameos
14.  Frasier, Walter and I watch it religiously
15.  Whose Line Is It anyway? Funny and great for a laugh
16.  Torchwood, I admit it, I want Eve Miles's hair and I have a huge crush on Capt. Jack
17.  Sesame Street, who doesn't love Sesame Street?
18.  Monty Python’s Flying Circus I can quote more of it than you've believe
19.  Fawlty Towers I love and adore this show and watch it when I need a good laugh, I love physical comedy.
20.  Sherlock Holmes (Jeremy Brett series) I won't lie, I love the music, costumes and Jeremy Brett
21.  NCIS I love Ducky, and I like the characters, they're interesting
22.  Law and Order SVU, I like that this show brings tough subjects to life
23.  The Smurfs another favorite from my youth, I used to get up at 6 to watch it. No, really. I did.
24.  The Facts of Life. I loved Joe. I related to Joe.
25.  Punky Brewster. I wanted to be like Punky Brewster.
26.  The Maxx. Still an all time Favorite, I collect the comic too and named my cat after the Isz. A Seriously twisted show from MTV. Dark and disturbing.
27.  120 Minutes, the only place growing up I could catch The Cure videos on tv.
28.  Aeon Flux. Twisted and messed up and totally awesome.
29.  Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I love this show. I love "Once More with Feeling".
30.  Magnum PI. I always dug Higgins and TC.
31.  Jeopardy. Another family favorite, I've recently discovered Walter loves to play this too. Who knew?
32.  Red Dwarf -  Something I love to cuddle up and watch with curry and lager and a blanket

33.  The Bugs Bunny Show. Still makes me laugh so hard my sides hurt
34.  Animaniacs. Always watched with Kate, could sing along with the songs even.
35.  Avatar: The Last Airbender. Great new show that I love.
36.  Jem
37.  Today’s Special
38.  Double Trouble. Show from the 80s with the Segal twins, Katey's sisters. Loved it!
39.  The Universe. I love hearing about the universe and stars and such. It gives me great peace
40.  Life After Humans A show that also gives me great peace.
41.  Futurama. I adore this and would own all the seasons. I have a soft spot for Bender and Leela
42.  Twin Peaks
43.  Cowboy Bebop. A favorite show I'm tickled to now own.
44.  Home Movies. I can recite most of this show, it's way funny and cute.
45.  Living Single. I always liked this show a lot.
46.  Newhart. Bob Newhart is still the Man.
47.  Who’s The Boss. I loved Tony Danza and Mona, Se's been a favorite of mine since Soap.
48.  Nightcourt. Who didn't love Bull or Dan?
49.  The X Files. The Christmas episode is one of my favorites.
50.  The Carol Burnett Show. If you want to feel your sides split with laughter, watch this. Any episode.
51.  The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd. I remember really liking this as a kid.
52.  Empty Nest. I always liked the Dad in this, he'd played Burt in Soap, I liked him in this show.
53.  Just Shoot Me.
54.  Just the Ten of Us
55.  Growing Pains. Loved it, hated it after I learned whatta douche Kirk Cameron was.
56.  Family Ties. Loved Mallory
57.  Murphy Brown. I was a journalist, what's not to love here? I also thought it was hilarious that she went through an assistant a week. 
58.  My Sister Sam. I always loved Pam Dawber, this was a sweet show while it lasted
59.  Nova - I love my local Public station
60.  Pop Up Video
61.  Tales of the Darkside Loved to watch it late at night

62.  The Twilight Zone Love to watch it late at night
63.  Rocko’s Modern Life
64.  The Simpsons
65.  Laugh In, Loved it! Have the record even.
66.  Better Off Ted, seriously, see this show. It's pretty great.
67.  Courage the Cowardly Dog A weird little animated series. I liked it though, pretty twisted.
68.  Invader Zim - Very Twisted. I don't know how this got on Nickelodeon.

69.  I Survived. I love it because it helps me keep things in perspective
70.  Dexter. I don't necessarily like all the seasons, but so far it's kept me interested. I hate Deb though. Hate.
71.  Dr. Who. I only liked the 9th and 10th Doctors. Sorry hardcore fans, I came late to the game but that's that.
72.  Monk. I love his OCD
73.  Robot Chicken. Destroying childhood memories for all of us 80s kids.
74.  Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends. Cute, fun. I have a friends who reminds me of Bloo.
75.  Code Monkeys. Funny rough stuff
76.  Ugly Betty. Took me a while but I started to enjoy it and by the time it was done I really enjoyed it.
77.  Heroes. I loved the first 3 seasons. Mostly the first 2. The rest do nothing for me.
78.  Weeds. I don't know why I like this show, I kinda hate everything about it. I love to hate it. The main character is a horrible horrible person. I've watched 8 seasons, what's wrong with me? 
79.  Supernatural. I watch it partially for the eye candy and partially for the really nice gorey effects and awesome butt rock.
80.  My Name is Earl. I used to hate Jason Lee. I kinda think differently about him now. I really dig the show. It's funny. There are some great cameos too.
81.  The Venture Bros.Twisted and kinda wrong. But great.
82.  Dead Like Me. I love Mandy Patenkin in this.
83.  Jackass. Sorry, I am easily amused, I love watching people do stupid shit to themselves
84.  Titus. I love Christopher Titus' standup and thusly his show too.
85.  TheOblongs. Twisted but funny.
86.  Law and Order: Criminal Intent. I love the character of Robert Goren.
87.  The Equalizer.  A great little mystery show.
88.  A different world. Loved this show.
89.  Designing Women
90.  Golden Girls
91.  Mr. Belvedere
92.  MacGyver
93.  Kate and Allie
94.  Not Necessarily the News
95.  Dungeons and Dragons
96.  Press Your Luck. Loved the animation on this show. No Whammy!
97.  The Newlywed Game
98. Mystery!
99. 3-2-1 Contact

** Editor's note. Last week I realized how wrong, very wrong I was for leaving out one of my all-time favorite shows - Mad About You. I love the show's first couple of seasons. Two of my favorite episodes are - the one with all the turkeys and the one with John Astin.

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  1. I relate to a lot of the shows, I'm glad Dexter is in the last season...