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Monday, June 10, 2013

Weekend update

I've had a fairly busy weekend which is why I haven't posted. By the time I realized I hadn't posted it was late at night and I was heading to bed, so I cut myself a little slack.

What kept me so busy you ask? Well, Friday was Rach's birthday and I had a wonderful talk with her on the phone, she keeps me in stitches. Also Friday we went for a walk to obtain a few things at the store and I made grilled portobello mushrooms with pineapple. Good in theory, not fantastic in reality. I think maybe a stronger marinade would have helped, the 30 minute marinade didn't do it. And, the pineapple wasn't working well on the mushrooms, they should have been grilled longer. But, it was a good attempt.
Saturday was Connie's birthday and we spent the day toodling with her at the market and went grocery shopping also. Once we got home Jenn and Angel were on their way here too. We spent the evening socializing with everyone, which was nice.
The next morning was like Thanksgiving. Both Jenn and Michael were home to spend the day with their mom, as part of her b-day celebration (what good kids!). They made an amazing breakfast. There was bacon, waffles, strawberries, blueberries, devonshire cream and cronuts. Yes, cronuts. You take croissant dough and cut it into doughnut shape and fry it. It's a fabulous fatty concoction you really can't eat a lot of. In fact, that whole breakfast was an exercise in sweet, sweet gluttony. I stuffed myself. It was good. We also spent time hanging out with Jenn and Angel and Michael and Connie. It was a really pleasant morning.
That's my only excuse, I got busy with life.
It was a nice weekend, I love toodling at the Poulsbo Farmer's Market. We bought apples and scones. I love going there because they always have a ton of dogs. I love watching them all. This week there were basset hounds, greyhounds, corgis, and a labradoodle.
This week should be interesting. I've got apartment hunting and medical info to look over.
On a good note, I haven't bit my nails. Sometimes it is the little things that keep your engines going.  I had a couple of moments of suck and depression, but managed to overcome those, with some needed help from my hubby.
So, yeah, today I call my Dr. and talk to her about my side effects (mostly nausea) and I look over the medical info from the state and figure out if it'll help me get into therapy and get eyeglasses. Wish me luck!

Here's a fun question for you: What's your favorite breakfast?

Although this weekend's breakfast was amazing, my favorite breakfast is still, a stiff Italian espresso, and a croissant. That's it. I love it, simple and yummy. What's yours?

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