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Sunday, June 2, 2013

look I'm blogging and only 5 minutes late.

Really, I meant to blog earlier, I got caught up in other things. I did a couple of projects today and read a little. I also picked up some necessities.
I'm often up at this ungodly hour.
Today was a good day, though I was dizzy for part of it, that sucked. Otherwise it was good. Today is my brother's birthday, he looks good, he's been running, I think that's wonderful.
Here's what I made today:

My wedding bouquets in a shadowbox with ribbon from the wedding. Plus, I can always add more dried roses from Walter to it and it will only enhance the loveliness. Michael's was having a sale, so I was able to get the shadowbox cheaper than normal. I ended up taking apart both old bouquets and using floral styrofoam to hold them in place. Had to sculpt the foam a bit to fit. I added some black and red ribbon (I will likely add some purple ribbon too, it was our wedding colors) and Viola! It will look nice in a hallway or on a mantle next to our lovely wedding photo. It did not quite turn out like I'd hoped, but, still acceptable in my universe. In the original pinterest project the flowers were arranged in a heart shape, which is great and all but the floral sytrofoam kicked my butt and was harder to work with using 5+ year old dried flowers. I crunched more than a couple in doing this. But hey, live and learn and learn to accept that not every craft will be picture perfect, that's what makes it your unique crafting.

1 comment:

  1. That is so pretty. I threw his boutonniere instead of my bouquet, which were black roses...the place spray painted them, so they are sitting in a vase preserved by that, lol