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Monday, June 3, 2013

I smell like paint and soap

I've got lofty goals today. So far, so good. Today my goal is to edit, work out, take flower photos, apartment hunt, write, paint, start a new book and do a project for a friend.
So far I have picked out the new book, it is Ian Banks' Raw Spirit, about the search for the perfect dram of whiskey.
I've painted already, got my first layer down and the boxes are starting to take shape in my brain. I was initially worried no ideas would come to me, but they have. I'm enjoying the idea and can't wait to get it done, but painting requires patience.
That leaves me with taking flower photos, editing, working out, apartment hunting, and the project for a friend.
For as depressed as I've been I do, thankfully have moments of sweetness and clarity. Which is good. Maybe the meds are working. Last night, laying in bed surrounded by my 2 cats and hubby, I had a moment of thankfulness. I'm really grateful I can still see the light a bit.
Okay, well I am off to go be a busy bee.
I see a workout in my future.
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